We support a number of Mission Organisations and families as a church. Including those below.

Aitken Family

Until May 2008 John and Pearl were working with OMF for 14 years in Bristol, first as regional directors for West of England and South Wales and then as Director of Mobilisation. This involved specific responsibilities in assessing new missionary candidates for service, debriefing missionaries on return from Asia, pastoral care of missionaries, roles in organisational management, teaching on mission, encouraging mission among students and young people, as well as setting up short-term overseas placements and liaising with local churches on missionary matters.

John is currently the   General Director of the newly formed Echoes International.  Echoes  International is a missions service organisation working to facilitate mission and support missionaries from Brethren Churches in UK and Ireland.   You can find more information about Echoes International on their website: www.echoesinternational.org.uk.

Pearl assists in the management of Filwood Hope, a Christian advice and drop-in centre, in Knowle West, Bristol. The centre serves the local community and is supported by churches in the area. As part of its function, surgeries are run in the centre by other charities such as Shelter and Debt Advice which can be accessed by local residents.


The Marshalls

Simon & Dorit

Since January 2020, Simon and Dorit have been serving with European Christian Mission International (ecmi.org). ECMI is a church-planting mission, which is working in 25 European countries, with around 250 missionaries and partners.
Simon is the International Director of the mission and Dorit has two roles, first as Simon’s PA, and then with other administrative work, especially in organising training.
Simon’s role involves a fair amount of travel, so prayer for safety would be appreciated. Updates on their ministry are posted on svedek.org, which is also where you can sign up to their prayer and newsletter.